Lost Prophecy: Awakening

Lost Prophecy: Awakening Book Cover

Book One: Lost Prophecy Trilogy

After celebrating his fifteenth birthday, Nick is eager to get his learner’s permit and begin driving. Attempting to gather the required documents, Nick finds out he does not have a birth certificate. He receives a mysterious pictograph card in his mailbox which prompts his parents to confess a life changing truth about his birth. Desperate to translate the pictographs, Nick enlists the help of a professor.

Unbeknown to Nick, Professor Elliot Shelton is intrigued by the pictographs and the potential value they hold. He puts Nick under surveillance. Once translated, the eerie truth sends Nick to Mexico where he returns to his birthplace. With the greedy professor following his every move, Nick meets Roslyn and together they uncover an unbelievable secret, involving an ancient spirit and the salvation of the world.