Kimberly Bernard was born in Macon, Georgia, but spent the majority of her childhood on Anna Maria Island in Florida. She returned to Georgia for her middle and high school years and graduated from Harrison High School in Kennesaw. While still in high school, she met her future husband and they attended Georgia State University together.

After college, Kimberly and her husband were married and lived in Covington, Georgia for a few years before moving to Nassau, Bahamas. In Nassau, Kimberly became intrigued by the Atlantis Resort and the supposed mythical city it is modeled after. This became the inspiration for her first series, Lost Prophecy. They built a home that overlooked the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Kimberly gave birth to her first child and began writing during her son’s lengthy naps.

After six amazing years in the Bahamas, Kimberly and her husband decided to return to the United States to raise their family. They made their home in Jupiter, Florida, where they currently reside. Kimberly recently gave birth to their second child, a little girl. Kimberly and her family enjoy the Florida lifestyle of sand, sea, and sun.


Five quick facts about Kimberly Bernard

  • Kimberly became a certified scuba diver at the age of twelve and continues to dive regularly.
  • Kimberly loves to travel.  She loves meeting and learning about new people and their cultures.
  • Kimberly and her husband actually met in the city of Tijuana, Mexico on a mission trip, building houses for families in need. They were both still in high school.  While on the trip, they realized they only lived a few miles from each other and began dating.
  • While Kimberly excels at English and writing, her favorite subject has always been science, specifically biology.
  • Kimberly and her family share their home with a dog, a cat, and two fish.